Yvette Jackson

Global Hair Stylist, Hair Colorist and Makeup Artist

Welcome to Memphis, our amazing bluff city. I am a local stylist who began my career in Memphis in the fall of 1995. I am currently working as an independent stylist with Neuvo Salon in East Memphis. The Beauty Industry has been a passion of mine since my early teenage years. Over the past thirty-one years as a professional, I’ve had the opportunity to meet and serve many wonderful people and build strong relationships. I am inspired and blessed by my clients.

I personally view cosmetology as an art that fulfills my professional purpose, and I continuously pursue it with great passion. Serving my clientele is the object of my work even though, at times, it has proven to be the most challenging of all my efforts.

The foundation, from which I build and retain the many relationships I’ve had in my gracious career, has always been one of love and respect.┬áMy parent’s encouragement and their example of hard work, I believe that through continued education, hard work and perseverance, combined with an unyielding commitment to excellence, anyone can accomplish their desires.